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Nuke Indie is a functionally limited version of Nuke Studio for eligible solo artists. Combining industry-leading node-based compositing with formidable speed, power and flexibility, it's the ultimate tool for solo artists wanting to create high-quality visual effects, at an accessible price. Explore Nuke Indie. View previous releases.
Nuke automatically recognizes the alpha channel, so this black is converted to transparency. You can tell that Nuke has recognized the alpha because of this little white line right here that's right beside the red, green, and blue lines. These are channel lines. So, here it recognizes the rgb+alpha, whereas over on the canyon it just sees rgb.
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The Nuke SS is the "super straight" version of the popular Nuke driver. While this maximum distance driver has an extra wide 2.5 cm rim and is still very fast, it can be thrown by less experienced players. The Nuke SS has a high degree of high speed turn that is …
Keyboard shortcuts, or hotkeys, provide quick access to the features of Nuke.The following tables show these keystrokes. Note: To download a PDF version of this page, please click here. Conventions. The following conventions apply to instructions for mouse-clicks and key presses.
This way, 499 is added to the current frame to get the frame that's read in. At frame 1, image.0500.rgb is read in; at frame 2, image.0501 is read in, and so on. You can also use negative values as the constant offset. For example, if you use the value -10, Nuke subtracts ten from the current frame to get the frame that's read in. At frame ...
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Note that you can drag the target marker after you have detonated the nuke. Created by Alex Wellerstein, 2012. More info. For more odd nuclear stuff, follow @wellerstein on Twitter. Effects scaling equations taken from Carey Sublette's Nuclear Weapons …
Nuke In Production (Multipart) In this tutorial you'll learn about the fundamentals of Nuke's workflow and user interface. You'll learn about the menus, node graph, viewer pane, and attribute panels. This video also explains why you need Nuke to composite heavy visual effects compared to just using Photoshop.